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Participants can enter the IMM-site from Thursday 12th of May , 2pmThe IMM-site will be closed on Monday 16th May , 12am.
Every participant must leave the site before it’s closed and everyone should leave his camping place clean.

Participant weekend tickets, will be changed to a weekend bracelet at the gate. This bracelet has to be worn the whole weekend . It is strictly personal and has to be shown by request of any member of the organization , helpers , security,…….                                    
Every weekend participant has the right to bring one(1) Mini(MINI) on the IMM-site.
One ticket = one Mini(MINI).                                                                                                                                     

People without a bracelet will have to leave the IMM-site.
Broken bracelets are not valid. (You need a new one in case of damage.) 
Daytime visitors (Saturday 14th of  May and/or Sunday 15th of May) also get a bracelet at the gate and have to leave the site at 8pm.
They are only allowed in, by foot, on the event territory and may not put up a tent or stay with someone overnight.
A special “Mini (and MINI) only parking” will be on site for daytime visitors.

All tents must be well anchored, it can be very windy on the open field.
Participation of the event and games ,… is at your own risk.
All participants have to follow the instructions of the staff , stewards , ……. during the whole event.

Weapons(of any kind) , firework , narcotics or other psychotropic substances(and materials to use these) and glass packaging(except for prescription medicine and baby food) are NOT allowed @ the event.
The use of alcohol is prohibited under 16.
Aggressive and dangerous animals are forbidden , dogs must be kept on a leash at all times and are at owners risk.

It’s a static show , so no driving around .
It’s forbidden to drive any kind of motorized vehicle on the event site between 10pm and 7am in the morning.
It’s also forbidden to run and rev motors, play music loudly and make loud noise between those hours.

All roads on site have to be clear at all times during the event.

Important notice : total fire ban!

Due to a huge increase of participants and due to lots of reserved camping spots our local fire department decided that BBQ,
open fires and candle light are strictly forbidden.

Camping gas cookers are allowed.

Keep the site clean. Littering is forbidden , there will be enough garbage bags and litterboxes on site.

Use toilets and urinal crosses!!!
All showers and toilets must be kept clean. If they’re dirty , notify the cleaners, please.                 
Showers and main toilets will be closed between 11pm. and 8am.
Chemical toilets are open 24 hours.

Event organizers (and helpers) have the right to let people come in or dismiss people if they’re intoxicated by alcohol , narcotics or other substances , act aggressively , use offensive words , disturb the event and work of the organizers and helpers.
Think of sun protection (sunscreen, hat) for yourself and especially for the children when weather  forecasting with high temperatures.              

The organizers(and helpers) and the owner of the terrain are NOT responsible for any damage(caused by other participants) theft from participants property’s , accidents ,…….
Participants must act in accordance with Belgian law.
Everyone at the event must identify themselves at request of organizers and helpers.

In case of any damage or criminal act caused by a participant , he or she is directly responsible and responds according the law in Belgium.
In case of noticing any unexpected circumstances which could result into damage to any person or property on the IMM-site , participants should inform organizers, helpers , security , ambulance personnel,……to help limit and  manage the amount of damage as soon as possible.

The campsite must be empty at 12 h.

Please be aware , there are surveillance cameras on site.

 We kindly ask you to cooperate and let’s have a great IMM!!!!!